The Mortality Code

The Mortality Code book coverThose who kill what they think is unnatural, don’t understand nature.

Fien had immortality within her grasp, but rejected it. The Immortality Clock is back in its resting place, and she is living happily in Suffolk with her new husband, until she witnesses an act of mindless vandalism by iconoclast William Dowsing, part of the escalating English Civil War. She fiercely believes all people should be able to hold their own beliefs, and that neither church nor monarchy should have the power to oppress.

When she retrieves the clock from London, she discovers that a sect known as The Mortality Code is threatening to destroy all those made immortal by the clock. Her father is an immortal as is the priest who married her. She now faces a mad dash across continents to neutralise The Mortality Code, and to save her family from untold torture.

Reunited with her old crew from The Odyssey, she must face new and ever more threatening dangers. Will she survive this time?


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