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My latest email to Tesco

I may, in due course, publish the whole email thread of my ongoing battle with Tesco regarding a faulty laptop, but thought a taster would do to start with:

From: Richard Pierce-Saunderson []
Sent: 11 August 2014 11:31
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: TES5916243NI: Re your recent enquiry


Dear xxxxx,

So much for a constructive dialogue. When I opened this email, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, especially when I received your subsequent email telling me it was my responsibility to pay for a report that shouldn’t actually even be necessary. That’s one reason why I’m not responding until now, because I am incredulous and angry at the position you are being made to take. It is seriously beyond belief.

I cannot believe that even Tesco is stooping to such depths and bullying one of its customers who is coming to you with a justified complaint about a faulty product, and that Tesco is ignoring my rights to a replacement or free repair for an obviously faulty laptop. This is a simple issue which could very simply be resolved. Tesco is choosing not to resolve it simply.

The FT recently said that “Tesco needs to take drastic action to protect its future.” I would suggest that one of the steps it needs to take is to actually listen to its customers and protect those customers’ rights rather than trying to beat those customers into submission. Tesco will lose more than just me as a customer if this approach continues, and then it will be looking at more than just a halving of profits as it is now.

I do expect this issue to be resolved to my, your customer’s, satisfaction, and I will continue to argue my case here, privately, as well as online, until it is.

Best regards,


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