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#NewMusicFriday 14/06/2024

This is the last #NewMusicFriday post for three weeks as I’m going on holiday. But I have pre-recorded two episodes of The Best Of NewMusicFriday 2002-2023 which will air on the two Fridays I’m not here for.

I was very fortunate this week to have artists sending me music, so the last two songs on the show were, to all intents and purposes, world exclusives. And damn fine they are, too. As they don’t release for some time, those final two links are to the artists’ web sites rather than to the songs.

My hope, of course, is that we will have a new government by the time I do my next NewMusic Friday show on 5th July. Don’t forget to go to vote on 4th July, and, if you have a soul and a conscience, you will vote tactically to get the Tories out. And NOT vote for Farridge racist lot either. As for the future, I hope that, if Labour do get into power, they will introduce proper Proportional Representation and start moves to rejoin the EU.

Anyway, down to brass tax and those tracks (and listen to the words of all the songs carefully – good music is politics):

Denver County Council – Mad Love
Be:fore – You Make Me Wanna
Yellow Belly – Golden Hour
Two Black Sheep – Anywhere
Circle Red – By Your Side
Grungy Bill – Fake Teenage Romance
Sundown Marathon – Restless Mind
Lying For Friends – Take It To Heart
Out Of Love – World Peace
Comsat Angels – Waiting For A Miracle (1980) Link added because not enough people listen to this brilliant band.
Her Name Was Claire – Colorized
Liines – Holding On
Femegades – Broken Bones
Ben Male – God Is Dead (releases 28 June)
Johnno Casson aka Snippet – Sometimes Life Is Really Shit (from English Fables Vol1; releases 5th July)

It just remains for me to have one little outburst about the hypocrisy of UK broadcasting. I’ll probably be one of the very few DJs to play Johnno’s brilliant life-reaffirming song because the damned hypocritical Ofcom & broadcasting approach to words and totally unpuritanical use of innuendo means that mainstream radio won’t. Just yet another symptom of how the Establishment tries to keep a lid on critical thinking and speaking. Just remember, it’s been proven that people who swear a lot are more intelligent than those who don’t.

Go stream the hell out of these great tracks, and if you have a spare quid or two buy some of them.

And vote to get the Tories out on 4th July.

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