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when he sees her
he launches into
his prepared speech
to court her
commitment to monogamy
lack of jealousy and envy
eternal love

she stops him before
he takes the final plunge
onto his knees
before his hand can
find the pocket
with the ring he spent
weeks searching for

and too much money on

i don’t need any of this
she says
it is of no interest
no value to me
a prison for my soul
in a diamond
freedom is what I need

she turns on her heels
to find another dance

R 13/04/2023 20:01

On my walk today, I saw a crow sitting on the roof of what I think is a wood store, at the corner of two streets. He (I immediately thought of him as such, although I have, in the past, always written about The Sisters Crow) didn’t fly away when I stopped to take a pic. That’s when I noticed he had an inured foot and that some of his tail feathers were missing. Although I couldn’t really do anything about it, I did whisper him some words of encouragement and wishes for good health. He still didn’t move away (although obviously nervous). I hope he will be well.

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