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bind it tight
that loose bag of flesh and bones
before it escapes
from the bed
you made for it
and it runs from your
over-affectionate lust
such a rigid thing

stringent ropes and bonds
strident screams in
the empty room
soundproof and hot
white and cold
a butcher’s palace
tiles and mirrors and glaze

blood runs hot
over the stainless
steel so shiny
until you both
in your big deaths

R 26/04/2023 20:38

So, I’ll be on the Stephen Bumfrey show on BBC Radio Norfolk at around 14:30 on 27th April talking about Aggie, and talking about Marina Florance’s new album, Expectation, because I wrote the lyrics to 4 of the songs on there (or have I mentioned that already?). Make sure you tell all your friends and enemies to buy at least the ebook of Aggie and the mp3 of Expectation. That’ll do us.

One of these days I’ll write a decent blog post again, about al sorts of stuff. In the meantime, the reality of living has me firmly in its grasp.

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