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May Day.

When bosses add another day’s rest
To their busy calendar of holidays,
To let the workers strive for
Electricity or food,
Heat or sustenance,
In the hostile climate
Of the culture war,
Where solidarity with tolerance
Is met with intolerance
And the sack.


This country is a sinking ship,
Titanic in its inequalities.

R 01/05/2023 20:30

A day of waiting and reading and snatching the last rays of the sun before the day died.

I should be more active on the marketing front for Aggie, but that’s one thing I’ve never actually been much good at, no matter how much time I’ve spent thinking about it. Part of me does think about investing some money into it, part of me wonders if I should enter the book into the Amazon Storyteller competition, but the other part baulks at it. I think the main problem is that once a book’s done and out in the wild, I kind of want to move on to the next one, the next thing.

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