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We must have passed eachother
In the middle, at some point in
The century of our friendship, me
And him, he from the left to the
Right of centre, me from the centre
To the left, across that river of
Politics and thought, and met
Somewhere, and stood still to
Admire our common view. Still
So many similarities, just bound
By differing circumstance and
Different priorities, maybe. Those
Are irrelevancies when it’s a
Forever bond, and now we just
Call out to eachother across
The rapids.

R 05/05/2023 11:05

An old friend texted last night. He’s had a dreadul year or so since we last texted, so we were sharing memories and updates, and such things that old friends do when they’ve not been in touch for a while. I think he’s feeling his mortality dreadully right now after having lost father, mother, and one very good (too young) friend in that time. I told him mourning never stops; it just gets slightly less painful as time goes by. And, yes, the poem is about our friendship, and just came to me while I was listening to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in the kitchen when I was playing it as the Classical Music Interlude on my Radio Stradbroke show this morning.

Using the daily prompts is quite an interesting process, because many of them, on initial reading, really piss me off, because they seem to me to be words which I would hardly, if at all, use. And then I find something to write with them, and often it’s a thought that hits me out of the blue, like the urn poem the other day. Words are fascinating things, all malleable and unbendable at the same time. I have often thought it would be really cool to invent a totally new language.

Another long weekend. Let’s see if I can get more done this one than last (although the memory of the golf lasts, and not just in the aches and pains, but in the active regret that I’m not playing golf again this weekend with my mates).

One thing is for sure, though – I’ll be avoiding the broadcast media in its entirety because I don’t want to have a part in celebrating a corrupt and money-grabbing institution which has brought nothing but unhappiness to this country and others.

And don’t forget – go and buy Aggie’s Art Of Happiness, because it’s a great book.

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