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Some days, writing seems futile,
Putting seldom-read words onto
Paper, unheard voices and unseen
Stories ignored by those who most
Need them. Where are those who
Want to know the truth, of how
Life and politics intertwine?
It’s a desert, often, this life
Of words and thoughts and
Hope, a pointless striving
For change.

R 08/05/2023 20:15

Going to watch Norwich City play today could also be described as having been pointless, what with another useless performance. They’ll get relegated from the Championship next season if this goes on. I did experience something akin to buyer’s regret while watching today, asking myself if it really had been a wise idea to buy myself a season ticket. Here’s hoping for more fruitful days.

Halfway through transcribing the poems of the past 4 weeks into my journal. And back to work tomorrow.

The words sort of run out here.

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