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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

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She folds him neatly into her handbag,
Torso first, then legs and arms tightly
Wrapped around that main part of his,
And lastly his head, tidily compressed
To fit into the last gap in the holdall
With the loose straps, and closes the
Top over him, throws the bag over her
Shoulders, adjusts for comfort, and
Leaves the flat after wiping it down
For the last of her prints. She’ll find
Somewhere else to put him, in some
Other town, a discreet disposal of
The one who tried to own her.

R 14/01/2023 11:54


The first night they unwrapped eachother
As soon as the door closed behind them,
Unafraid of what they might find. Love
Bans all blemishes into the realm of beauty,
And each fold unfurled under their fingers
Revealed new secrets they had never tasted
Before. When they were one and joined
Forever, they breathed the same breath,
The same rhythm, the same song, far
Beyond the rising of their sun.

R 14/01/2023 17:28

The #MastoPrompt today was #fold.

M has been in London all day meeting her old friends from school whom she doesn’t see often enough. I’ve just got back from picking her up from the station. Of course, I’ve been running round like a blue-arsed fly all day trying to get more done than I had a hope of getting done, but at least some of what I wanted to do has been done. I’ve even been domestic and ued the washing machine which I’m normally not allowed to touch, but when the cat’s away… And I’ve done almost 14k steps. I think I’ll leave it there.

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