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A hole in the silence,
Vacuum in the nothing,
Denser than the quantum,
Darkness beyond lightless,
Weight past measure.

No time,
No motion,
No space,
No being.

When the centre
Of the universe

This is what a
Gasp of grief

R 20/05/2023 20:11

Lots done, but not exactly what I had wanted to do. The spoken word piece still sits there, the backing track unfinished and puzzled (and puzzling).

Madge has new rubber fuel tubing connecting the metal lines but won’t start (no fuel reaching the engine yet, and the battery went flat at the 5th start attempt, so its now on charge).

Aggie recategorised on amazon in the hope of more visibility.

Mortality Code waiting for the story to continue (the characters are pretty bored and pissed off with me, because they’ve been sitting in the same postures for almost a year).

But the sun is shining. And I ran about 400 metres as part of my walk. And watched some cricket, which made me miss it even more, but also made me realise I don’t actually want to play it because there are too many things I would automatically start worrying about (and I don’t think I’m necessarily a team player anymore, which is odd and sad – but maybe I allowed my self to be subsumed by team for too long).

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