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we’re all screaming into the void
although we’re too tired to stand
would rather lie down and sleep
forever helpless to change things
we thought our screaming would

the sun makes the window look
wider than it is and the world
more hopeful than its reality
but we dance through the dirges
we have to listen to when we’re

there are smiles in the echoes

R 26/05/2023 18:24

I didn’t really feel like doing the radio this morning, in truth. But I played one particular song, Good For Nothing Days by DadRock, that was magnificent and brought many smiles to my face, so good I played it twice. It reminded me of the happiness I felt in 2021 when I heard Sunflower Girl by Giant & The Georges for the first time.

And talking of a sunflower girl, I’m off to have an anniversary dinner with M in a minute. We have to grab happinesses while we can, while there still are smiles in the echoes.

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