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A pleasing view; its definition.
Such over-use of, in effect,
An abbreviation for something
Which needs more detail.
Used tautologically too often
By the under-educated (blame
Governments for that), and
By those trying to impress
With their private education,
Bullshit merchants all.
And it reminds of disgusting
Ready meals, and the worst
Software ever. Best left alone.

R 16/01/2023 10:14


Today’s #MastoPrompt was #vista. Just one train of thought from that today. I don’t like the word, as you can tell.

If you’re wondering about Aggie and her edits (woah, cool band name there), I’m on about Chapter 50, and, as predicted, as I’m doing the first format edit, I keep thinking it’s dreadful. But I shall plug away at it, time permitting. And on my walk today, in the all-permeating dampness that presaged the pathetic slush that the English call snow, I remembered all the other writing projects still to get on to. A writer’s work is never done…

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  1. Ren Powell

    17th January 2023 at 05:39

    Just catching up – and owing you a personal note! Happy New Year to you as you are well into it. I am dragging my feet a bit. It was wonderful to read your reflection over a year of posting daily. Nearly all of me wants to follow your lead this year. But I still know I have struggled every time I have set an “every day” goal. It’s kind of like brushing my teeth is enough. But I am going to try. Beginning this year on the mundane day of the 17th of January. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Richard Pierce

      17th January 2023 at 19:58

      Oh, my dear Ren, I saw this first thing this morning, and it made me feel very happy. I often think it strange how we seem to think of each other as each other’s mentors. Daily goals can be weird, and not for everyone (my family always tell me I get too competitive with myself about such things). Like I’ve said, for me the point was to prove to myself that I am a writer, not just someone playing at it. And to prove to myself that others are wrong when they call writing my hobby when, actually, it’s my life. Thanks for being there.

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