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Imagine a man who always tells untruths knowingly
And calls them the absolute truth, a man who swears
On the book of all faiths and any faith that he tells
The truth while knowing that every word which
Passes his lips is nothing but an absolute lie, a man
Who invents his past, his present, his future because
He believes he is the chosen one and none surpass
Him. His name is Johnson, and he is still lying. He
Is in contempt of justice. And I have nothing but
Contempt for him and those who support him.

R 15/06/2023 21:21

I suppose you could replace Johnson in the above with Trump, or Putin, or any other totalitarian liar. Take your pick. Sickening.

For the first time in 11 years of being on BBC Radio, a naughty word escaped me today on the Bumfrey show. At least he didn’t get in trouble for it. So good to see him.

And now it’s late, and I’ve spent the last hour fixing my Powerline adapters which had been depriving me of the ethernet/internet. Some scrabbling around on my knees, not in prayer or in supplication but in fixing mode, and I’ve sorted it. I think these things have a tendency to go on the blink now and again. Technology is never as perfect as we would like it to be, which is why we need to be very aware of what AI might achieve, because it only needs to go wrong once. Mark my words.

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