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The truth is that I have no
Paternal or parental bone in
My body. My parenting skills
Are imperfect, inadequate, and
Made up on the fly. I don’t need
An invented commercial day to
Celebrate how hard I and my
Children and my wife work to
Make this family function as
Well as it can. All we want
Is for all the others to be happy.
Sometimes it works, and often
It doesn’t and hurts instead.
What I really want is to be a
Person who cares, not a parent
Put into some compartment that
Says old and tired and past it.

R 18/06/2023 19:26

I finally gave the real Aggie a copy of Aggie’s Art Of Happiness today. She’s not in a great place, and it seemed to cheer her that I had sought her out to tell her about it. And she didn’t think I was weird, which was a bonus.

Another finally – I got round to working on The Mortality Code again, and managed to write 2k words in two sittings that probably added up to 100 minutes of elapsed time.

I had planned to do some day job work today as well, but that didn’t happen. Sometimes you need to balance things, don’t you?

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