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I miss our first life
Where nothing mattered
But we. There it is,
There it was, and we
Can’t reverse time
To bring it back or
Make ourselves younger.
This is not regret,
Just the knowing
That we can never
Stop the passing of
Everything we can and
Cannot touch.

R 28/01/2023 10:37

They reverse-engineered him from
an invertebrate, the heat of him
never reaching beyond the core of his
body, so he wrapped himself in layers
of cheaply-bought clothes, a new
meaning for swaddling, and kept
his hands inside his sleeves even
in the terrarium of his own home,
the heating on maximum the year
round. In the end, he couldn’t
stand it anymore, shed his human
skin, and went back to the desert.

R 28/01/2023 18:43

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #Reverse. Lots of stuff out of that. And I even wrote a poem before I read the prompt, so a promptless poem prompted by something else that crossed my mind just as I was waking up this morning. Although I do have to add that I’ve had to dig deep to find any kind of good words today – my mind and body seem rather exhausted right now (this always happens when I take time off), although I have been trying to go a lot more slowly in everything I do. And think.

And the height of romance tthis afternoon – M and I went shopping together at the local superstore. If those aren’t your relationship goals, God help you. … For the avoidance of doubt, that last sentence was a joke.

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