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he cried
she sighed
he moaned
she groaned
he shouted
she pouted
he yelled
she welled
he frowned
she gowned
he ordered
she bordered
he commanded
she demanded
he complained
she retained
he chased
she faced
he retreated
she defeated
he fought
she taught
he squeaked
she shrieked
he hit
she quit
it ended

R 30/01/2023 14:17

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #shriek. I tried to avoid cliches. I also started another, more substantive piece, but it’s turned into one of my many Antarctic cycles, so it’s not for here, not now, though I’ll let you have the first two lines:

On the Ice, the cold shrieks in colour,
A million percolations of white.

My 4-day weekend nears its close. I didn’t get much done of what I thought I’d get done, but I’m accepting that rather than being stressed about it. Because I hadn’t planned to bake bread, and I hadn’t planned on reading as much, nor on having an entirely unbroken night’s sleep last night. That’s good enough for me.

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