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I am aware of your need for international
Western friendships, Volodymyr, but beware
Of being used by the English for their own
Domestic purposes of mashing the poor
And hungry and cold into the ground under
Their Russian-funded politics. There may
Be no bombs here, V, but the war here is
Not much different to the one you are having
To fight. Blood flows in the streets here, too,
And freezes. Don’t let yourself be their weapon.

R 08/02/2023 08:44

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #mash.

I had initially planned to write more, but the day has run away with me. I’ve designed a draft cover for Aggie, and the first pass edit may well be finished by the end of the weekend. The kids are desperate for me to watch the final 2 episodes of Stranger Things– that’s been a 3-week marathon so far, and my thoughts on that when we’re done.

The cold is grating on me, mostly because it’s not consistent and not deep and lasting and dry.

My in-box at work remains at net static, so much is coming in. A reflection of need and the culture wars being waged.

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