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king coronation stolen diamonds
in a crown above a scottish stone
king coronation stolen taxes
for a three-day weekend of hollow celebration
king coronation stolen moments
from a history of fragmented narratives
a king
a coronation
a country in decline
this terminal pricelessness
is costing too much
measured in
frozen bodies
the sadness
of seeing millions
forget themselves

R 10/02/2023 20:03


Our freedom of movement.
Taken from us.
Our continental education.
Those frictionless borders.
All those deep friendships.
Ripped apart.
That closest trading bloc.
Cut off.
Those lowest common denominator vultures.
A rigged plebiscite.
This pariah of a country.

R 10/02/2023 20:13


Today’s #MastoPrompt was #priceless.

There’s not much else to say.

Except that today has been full of friends sending me messages. And that makes me happy.

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