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Here we are,
At the edge of the world,
Holding so many fates in
Our trembling hands, and
Looking into the abybss beyond
Which there is nothing. How strange
To face this danger for the first time,
WHere a foot wrong will send us
Over the side into the unknown
Airless and unexplored vacuum
Of outer space. Yet we dance
On the rim of the volcano
Juggling all our burdens
In one hand and
Holding on with
The other.

R 18/02/2023 20:02

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #juggling.

Rickman is plaguing me. I need to put it him to one side for a while. So intense. So much self-analysis. So much overthinking. So many regrets. Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of my mind and drives me down those same alleyways.

Recorded some spoken word stuff today. Hated it all.

Heard the final version of the newest song Marina and I have been working on. Loved it.

Perhaps our words are best sung by others.

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