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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter



This is new.
Hair, skin, arms,
Entwined in light.

By now, our
Electricity has fused
And bound us to each other’s
Tears, extremities.

With each
Inhalation, every
Touch, we drown in the
Holiness of bodies.

The only thing
We are is
Obeisant to lust.

Bite me,
Arch me,
Cut me,
Know me, my

R, 05/01/2023, 9:52

Today’s #Mastoprompt was #entwine. I have come up with two others, as well as having some more in my head. I’ll leave you to work this one out.

Another miserable day, weather-wise, not improved by the fact that I’m having back trouble again.

I need the sun. The temperature is irrelevant, in truth. I just need the light.

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