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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

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I could write a thousand poems and stories about orifices, and none of them would be the truth. The darkness behind the inventions is too extreme to even contemplate in the mind, and too explicit to turn into words. Inside us, there are extremes which we can be driven to, at the turn of every blood red screw into our subconscious, when instinct mauls reason, and we become what we have always feared.

R 21/02/2023 11:15

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    1. Richard Pierce

      22nd February 2023 at 10:18

      Thanks. Good to know I’m not the only one <3

  1. Louise

    23rd February 2023 at 22:58

    Vivid & evocative. Superb writing👏🏿

    1. Richard Pierce

      24th February 2023 at 06:38

      Very kind 🙂

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