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England’s borders were never open,
Not since the days when all peoples
Mixed across geography and its boundaries,
And before Anglo-Saxon was even
An idea in historians’ minds.

Populated by xenophobia and fear,
Racism and hatred of the Other,
England is closed now to
Multiculturalism and tolerance,
An irrelevance off the edge of the world.

R, 06/01/2023

Today’s #MastoPrompt was #open. This came to mind early this morning.


For those of you who don’t listen to my Radio Stradbroke show (well, shame on you, to start with), a quick rundown of today.

New single launched – JanuaryExcitement.

Turned on playout machne for radio. All audio inputs had disappeared. Fixed that.

Helefonix (see single credits) gave me a crash course in how to set up bandcamp. Set up bandcamp. Bought a copy of my single to see if it worked. It worked.

Wrote above poem. Still only 09:45 by the time that was done. 15 minutes till I’m on air.

Smoked, drank water, coughed to myself very loudly to clear throat ready for going on air.

10:00 – on air. Voice cracked despite the coughing.

Three hours later – show done; new fridge arrived. Apparently went to wrong address first, and then arrived with daughter C in delivery van. Looks like it’s too big to get through door frame to where it needs to be. Suddenly realise that the finishing boards can come off the door frame.

Take C home. Have lunch. Read a lot.

Go for walk. Do stretches inc 10 press-ups. By the time I go back downstairs, the fridge is where it should be. M is really the most practical person ever. That’s why I married her. Though it doesn’t explain why she married me. SHe used to say she was doing her bit for Care In The Community. That’ll do me.

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