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So far down the whirlpool,
That infinite spiral, I can’t
See the top of it any longer,
On this interminable swift
And terrible fall, I remember
The definition of it, and the visions
Of biplanes and Spitfires in
Flames, crashing into solid
Ground, but there is none
Below me, and I don’t know
What’s down there, death
Or redemption, or just nothing.

R, 07/01/2023, 14:20

Today’s #Mastoprompt was #tailspin. I think there are more words to be written for that particular one.

Lovely morning with S, a friend whom we’ve not seen for a decade (!!!!). We spoke about not understanding how time could pass so quickly, all the things that can happen in a decade, and how, now we’re only 30 miles away from each other, we could see each other regularly.

I know we always talk about real life taking over from plans and intentions, but what is real life, really? I, for one, have no idea.

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