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Before the fall, the gods were kind,
Looked benignly at the way humans
Tried to make sense of the invisible
Order of things, how they at first
Tried to guess which interventions
Were divine and which coincidence.
Then came politics, and the attempt
By the quick and arrogant to steal
Control of the world from the unseen
Forces, and to become the fates
Themselves. The plot succeeded for
Many ages until politicians believed
They were immortals, too. That pride
Became the fall. And now the world
Lies in ruins.

R 12/03/2023 14:48

The people are not all fools.
Your arrogance is noted.
This resistance has surprised you,
Assured as you were in your
Expectation of success. You may
Still have the upper hand, your
People still in all the high places,
But football cuts across the
Boundaries between politics and
The people. Your fundaments begin
To crumble under the acid of your
Hubris, your certainty that you
Couldn’t lose. The gods are
Laughing at you now.

R 12/03/2023 14:36

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