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independence was an anchor
inside him until it was broken
by the pain of daily drudge
deliberately inflicted by those
who wanted to suppress by
inflicting existential fear
in each and every worker
every thinker who might argue
against the tyranny of those
privileged officers of state
who would do anything to
avoid another election
because if the people are
too busy worrying about
food and heat they won’t
protest against those in
power ruling by fear

R 27/03/2023 20:10

Reading the appendices to Im Westen Nichts Neues, I’ve just come across a document written by Goebbels in 1930 rejoicing in the banning of the film (due mainly to protests by stooges of the Nazi party and the packing of the censor’s office by same), and, without even having thought it beforehand, the voice reads like the voice of Jacob Rees-Mogg. It’s a frightening and sobering realisation, and probably where the poem came from.

A day full of frustrations and annoyances behind the scenes, in all honesty. Mainly tech-related.

Tomorrow, I have acupuncture, and will sleep with needles in me.

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