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Charlotte’s birthday poem 2011

A New Language

I tried to think of a new language
In my old age
To tell you I love you
But to build it
Would leave you unbelieving
Not able to understand.

So I have to use used words.

There was a little girl once
Who used to bite and scratch
With a storm of anger
When I held her ready for bed
And she didn’t want to sleep
Who fell asleep in my arms
And smiled while I bled.

So I have to use the old language.

There is a young woman at my table
Who argues with me, who storms away
When I can’t say what she wants to hear,
Who makes my soul bleed
Because I love her so much
And there is more to say.

So I have to use the ancient signs.

I walk into your room after dark,
Listen to you breathing, and speak
To your sleeping shadow.
I’ll be here when I’m gone.
I’ll be here forever.
Don’t be afraid.

R, 19 October 2011

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