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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter



Always after the quick fix,
The immediate solution
To problems,
To pain,
To illness,
To everything.
He chases the grail of
Everything has to
Be just so. There must be no
Imperfection, no fault lines,
Not in affairs,
Not in actions,
Not in health,
Not in life.
Anything out of line
Must be put back,
All things ordered,
So chaos or chance cannot
Be the victors.

R 19/10/2023 20:14

I had a tooth out this morning. Not the most fun I’ve ever had, especially as the damn thing had three roots. I have what’s left of it and its roots in a bag on the dining room table. And there should be another tooth of mine somewhere in the house, too, the one I had taken out on New Year’s Eve 2022. But none of these extractions have been quite as bad as the one I had done when I was in my 30s, when the tiny female Irish dentist actually had to kneel on my chest and saw the wisdom tooth apart to get it out of my jaw. Perhaps I’ll end up toothless before my time’s up. Although I’d rather be that dragon than actually without teeth.

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