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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

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Day 145

The world is so full of heartbreak today I can do nothing more than share my love.


Sometimes we forget the road travelled
And the pain of making commitment work,
When days are bright and weightless,
But we always remember, in the end.

We can’t share all the hard lessons
With those we love. It would break
Them and us to understand
Sacrifice is a part of daily life.

There is a corner all f us turn
Where the past does become a different
Place, and the present outshines
Whatever future there might be.

I have just closed a book about
Friends dying before their time. The
Echoes of our shared histories live
Forever inside and outside us.

We hugged in the garden, and I was taller
Than you. You laughed at this new
Closeness in our old age. But it was
Really about always being in love.




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