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Day 157

Very very late for me today, and I’m missing Bake Off: The Professionals to write this. Another revelation from my rock ‘n’ roll life for you.

This morning I had to get a load of work done before setting off to work elsewhere for once. By the time I got home, I’d set a new record for steps in one day – 20.5k equal to over 8 miles walked; good effort. And now I’ve just finished the actions I carried home from today. That’s all. The rest is self-censoring.

Yesterday, I saw just about all the Radio Stradbroke team at the event they’d done all the hard work for in the Community Centre in Stradbroke. I just turned up, said a few ill-chosen words into a mike, picked up the last possessions a friend of mine had let me store in his garage since we moved (two sets of golf clubs) and came home. I have to say it was wonderful to see them all, and I did cry many a tear, because I do miss them, although the visit did confirm even more to me that we made the right decision to move out of the village. However much older we become, it’s still important to grow, and to follow the call to move on when it does come. And it came, and we did. I can never thank Stradbroke enough for what it did for us when the children were young, but that’s another chapter closed, as far as location goes anyway. And I got to meet B, one of our most avid listeners, and my personal Jiminy Cricket as I have taken to calling her, because she messages me during shows and never fails to keep me grounded with her lived experience and unquenchable thirst for life.

It’s like autumn today, even more so than yesterday. There’s a (no)confidence in Boris Johnson going on right now (well, it ended at 20:00), which, actually, the Tories as a party can only lose. If Johnson wins the vote, his entire party will have shown itself to be as morally and practically corrupt as he is; if Johnson doesn’t win the vote, the party, and government, will be paralysed for months to come. The real reflection of where we’re at will come with the by-elections on 23rd June, which I hope the Tories will lose. We will see, but I sense the Tories are a spent force – unless they decide not to have any more free elections in this country, something which definitely is NOT beyond the realms of possibility, unfortunately.

Be strong, be aware, keep agitating for freedom.




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