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Day 166

Oh, sweet relief! I slept for at least seven hours. Even up until recently, I always thought sleep was an unnecessary evil. Sometimes now still think the same. But not this morning. I feel so much better. I’ve mad breakfast, two espressos (that’s my max for the day), done my stretches (10 knees to chest for 30 secs, ten legs stretched out with pointed toes without touching anything, 60 knees to either side of body with knees pointing up), and have already done some work. But I just realised I’ve forgotten to brush my teeth. I’ll catch up on that later. Oh, these glorious mundanities. They feel glorious to me this morning anyway. And the sun is shining and it’s already hot out there in the garden. It felt like a holiday sitting out there with my second coffee and a smoke, watching the poppies sway in the breeze alive with bees. I could just stop there.

I have found my Kindle, and now just need to find a charging cable. The mini keyboard is fully charged. Other things on the to do list outside of work are to create some pre-recorded radio shows for while I’m away, to check I’ve got enough t-shirts and some flip-flops. More mundanities.

Last night, I did manage to find my meditation breathing patterns again, so I closed my eyes and breathed that way until I must have fallen asleep quickly. Night found me unconscious and dreamless. Dreamless sleep is the best because it means I’m not inhabiting any world. Dream walking can be exhausting, and some of the worlds I inhabit in those dream walks are unpleasant and disturbing places, and sometimes so pleasant and exciting I don’t want to leave them. They are inevitably real.

My mind is relatively empty this morning, with a busy day ahead. I’m glad for the emptiness because I can slow time down with it. The planned out parts of the day eat enough time without my mind rushing to consume the rest of the time before it’s even happened.

Another thought, just now, just a single one. Take the ms of Mortality Code on holiday and try to finish it in the two weeks I’m away for. Perhaps. If that mini-keyboard works. But, most of all, read, eat, sleep, forget the world exists. Calm, slow, forgetful.

I’m not forgetting politics, and the racist policies of the government, I’m just not writing about them. I’m leaving activism to my social media for now. And protest is ever-present.




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