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Day 176

I spent a long time yesterday wondering whether or not to blog for the rest of the holiday, and sort of came to the conclusion I wouldn’t. Slept a lot better for it, and have felt a lot better for it today, too – it’s almost 17:00 local time here now. I’ve read a book and a half today, done abs crunches that left me qith a serious burn for the first time in a long time, and had a hug with S, the head waitress, because she got very upset about another hotel guest (older than me even) taking a tumble on the road outside (he’s ok, btw).

So why am I here, blogging? Short updates, maybe. Nothing too philosophical. Just being. At least that way the day count stays true. And Aggie isn’t really someone who puts words in my head at night that stop me from sleeping. She’s just being, too. I think that’s her whole raison d’être.


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