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Day 190

Just over five hours sleep from Friday night to Saturday morning is probably not the greatest strategy for beginning the weekend, but needs must. I came into the office to print a couple of things out I need to take to Stradbroke with me later, and to then write this. Of course, I got distracted by a sudden urgent need to clean out my personal emails, and 20 minutes later realised I’d not been doing what I came in here to do. That’s the problem with thinking you have some clear space in time – you mostly end up wasting it.

Maybe I’ll make up some ground and regain solid ground tomorrow when I will have to do some day job work. After everything that’s happened over the last 3 days, I need to, and I’m pleased that at least the parenting issues have been partly mollified (I use that word advisedly as a very determined fly buzzes around my head and I try to ignore it). I have been a touch lax about my back stretched – only 1 set each day when we were in Crete, and I want and need to get back into some sort of routine with those. At it is, I’ll be leaving for Stradbroke in half an hour without having done any so far today.

This hectic life the last few days remind me why I went on holiday – to get away from always doing something, and mainly doing it for others. It also showed me that I do have enough words in my head to actually create most of the time. The short story I started over there extended into over 5k words in 2 days (plus other words on other things). The short story has stalled slightly, but when I have reached that solid ground again, when I can actually give my brain time off from thinking about things other than my writing and my self, I’ll be back on it. And I still have to transcribe all the bits of The Mortality Code I wrote in Crete. And we will go again next year – we discussed it last night whilst waiting to go and get A from her late shift. Let’s see what obstacles life puts in our way in the mean time. They might be useful obstacles.




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