Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

Life, Poetry

Day 220


the past can not be undone

not by dictators
nor tyrants
nor the historians of empires
who may rewrite history
nor failing memory

the past is a fact

it is in the landscape
carried by the weather
and whispered by the wind
the droughted land
the droughted skin
on your shins
that cracked field of scars
those stretch marks
men and women
carry as medals
until decay or fire
erases them

the past does not die

with them
nature keeps it close
it is in the rocks
the dying and birthing stars
the dark nights
bright days
lazy afternoons
frenzied mornings
a cycle

the past will not go out

with our sun or others
not with the dying
of the universe
the vacuum its marker
that emptiness the
very essence of
everything we have done




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