Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

Poetry, Politics

Day 253

the golden thread

history is not written by the vanquished
nor the suppressed nor the poor

a web woven around a single thread
of passing time measured obscurely

when did we become so tired a people
to submit ourselves to privilege

the victors and their successors
are taught to appear trustworthy

as they rob the nation of its wealth and rights

obscure traditions anoint accidents of birth
baptised into houses that are never cold

events swirl around the single unmoving
constancy wearing an undeserved crown

jewels made from blood and dynasties
built on mutilated flesh and bones

the golden thread that will not be touched
that will not share its precious lustre

to fund hospitals nor schools nor justice
nor peace nor equality nor a universal wage

the thread so many adore is nothing but fool’s gold




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