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Day 265

Another hectic day. And I’ve not yet prepared my show for tomorrow. But there are more important things. I’ll just make the show up as I go along. And for some reason, although I’ve had the heating off all day in the office, it’s 25C in here.

I had another one of those thoughts today, which I’ve mentioned before, about how I could just make up anything to write in here, and no-one would be any the wiser, at least not those who aren’t close to me. Reading Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is probably the trigger for that. satirising as it does how politicians will just make up anything to get votes, and expect most people to believe it. And, unfortunately, many people will believe it, because they’ve been deliberately under-educated. But then again, it’s probably not satire any more (the book came out in 2007, and we’ve seen, even before the Brexit referendum, politicians just making things up on the spot, blatantly lying, and either starting to believe their own lies, or being confident that most people won’t realise they’re lying. In fact, lies are everywhere. And I’m not being paranoid, just presenting a fact. And it’s not a new thing either, I guess. It’s a long time since I read Humankind by Bregman, and I think I’m back to the cynical stage where I am not convinced that much good exists in humankind. Except for some massive kindnesses done to me over the last few days, and the kindnesses I see everywhere. But we have, and will probably always have, leaders who lie. I must work out some way of changing this, something that goes beyond Bregman’s theories, and beyond the hijacking of truth and integrity by necessity.

It’s dark already. At least this year, I haven’t had to pack away my cricket gear with melancholy regret that the season’s over, because I haven’t played all year, being officially retired. But I am starting to push harder on the old working front again, despite the pain in my right foot (and the x-ray and CT scans still haven’t come back to my GP, because of the understaffing at the local hospital, which, as I’m sure I’ve said before, I believe to be entirely due to Brexit – and so we come back to lying). Once I have myself sorted out, which I hope will be soon, I will start fencing here in Norwich, and I will push myself harder physically. I have added press-ups to my daily stretches, too, when I remember and give myself time to do them.




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