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Day 280

In haste, as I need to leave for London soon. The real downside is that M is feeling very much under the weather and can’t come with me to have dinner with L&L. That’s really disappointing, and it won’t be the same without her.

Loved doing the radio this morning. The 3 hours of the show went by in a flash, and, despite my complaint about really good music being difficult to find right now, I filled the show with some magnificent tunes. I guess I was feeling irritated about the time investment necessary to put together a really good show when I’m balancing so many time demands anyway. The podcast of it is up already, so if you didn’t listen live, you can listen to it now.

A is already in London to see Alvvays tonight (I am a little envious but prefer dinner with friends), so I’ll be meeting her afterwards to get the last train back.

I do have ideas for the next Aggie instalment, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. I am too flibbertygibberty right now to write even just 500 words for her next escapade. I’m sure she’ll be happy to take a breather.

Back tomorrow.

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