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Day 297

So, the UK finally has a Prime Minister of colour, Rishi Sunak.

The problem is that he’s the leader of the party of racism and anti-immigration, and therefore, by default, doesn’t care about making the UK a more multicultural, diverse, and equal society. The party he leads is directly responsible for the economic dire straits the country is in. He personally is responsible for the economic direction this country has taken over the last three years. He is an avid Brexiter, supports breaking international law, thereby endangering the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland. He had a Green Card to work in the US (not a good look). His wife (the main bread winner of the family) was, until the adverse publicity threatened to engulf him, registered as non-domiciled, which meant that his family was paying hardly any tax into the Treasury he was at the time running. He supported Boris Johnson until he decided he wanted the Prime Minister’s job for himself. He pledged to give more government financial support to areas with great deprivation – funding which then went solely to constituencies which had Tory MPs, and which, on the overall scale of deprivation we’re seeing in this country right now, were actually fairly non-deprived. And, finally, he has a criminal record, having had to pay a fine for breaking lockdown laws while he was the Chancellor. I’m sure there’s more, but even that little list makes him (and his party) unfit to be in government.

Yes, we need to be thankful for small steps towards progress, but let’s not be misled into believing that Sunak’s accession to the highest office (and accession it was rather than election) signals any significant change in the political direction of this country, nor in government policy, nor in the diversification of this country.

The colour of tyranny and oppression is irrelevant.




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