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Day 310

A very hectic tidying day so all was ship-shape for O, cat, and plants to move into my office. Then to the DIY shop to buy hasps and padlocks (the garage door story is too long a story to tell). Then deal with the removals folk (a couple of good Romanian lads who were unbelievably efficient). Then find a Record of the Week for Radio Stradbroke this week. Play a little more with Mastodon – and do start using it, and use the desktop version because it has some amazing functionalities. It has a really relaxed and friendly vibe, unlike a lot of other social media. And while watching the feeds, update the Radio Stradbroke podcasts.


A, bless her, has told me to ow.down, take some time every day, so this will be it.


Relieved O and M are back safely.


Perhaps I need to make Aggie chapters twice as long (or write two a day) for the rest of the year to catch up with the days I have missed (including today).

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