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Day 326

The thought had crossed my mind to write anojther poem today, but I wasn’t feeling it after a fairly chaotic day. I also wanted to share something special – for me at any rate. A secret I’ve discovered with the coffee machine that Im using. Early on in my back-todrinking-coffee days, I ran water through the same espresso pod twice, and the result was only just short of vile. Then M bought some ristretto pods (same measure of espresso, but the machine puts less water through it, ristretto meaning restricted in English). So the other day, after we’d been to a vegan food fair in Norwich city centre and got some proper Norwegian cinnamon buns (kanelboller to you and me), I experimented with running water through the same ristretto pod twice. Oh. My. God. It turns out to make the most magical larger strong coffee I can imagine. So I’ve had one every day since Sunday at about 4:30 pm, just to give me a pick-up late afternoon (and after I’ve nibbled something sweet and taken 15 minutes out of my work day to read a bit of a book). Anyway … I still eff and blind every afternoon on rediscovering how magical it tastes. Little things, and all that.

The main stream media is making Sunak’s job quite easy for him right now, leading all their bulletins with coverage of the World Cup in Qatar, that shameful endeavour that’s going on, and I, for one, am not happy about it. Not just because what’s been happening out there in the last 12 years (interesting side note – that’s how long the Tories have been in power, that’s how long they’ve been destroying this country for), and what’s happening there now, but because Sunak and his ilk are now operating under the smoke screen of that event (I wouldn’t mind if the MSM reported on the outrages still going on, like Wales fans being told they couldn’t wear their Rainbow hats into Wales’ first group game, rather than on the football, which no-one intelligent actually cares about this time round) and getting away, literally, with murder. The myth of the 40 new hospitals, first perpetuated by Johnson, still does the rounds, rumours about a Swiss-style arrangement with the EU are doing the rounds while Sunak denies them in a babbled and incoherent 10-minute speech to the CBI, the Public Order Bill (which will allow the government to suppress at will protests and demonstrations it doesn’t agree with) is still making its way through Parliament, and the dismemberment of the NHS continues at the hands of a man (that Sunak again) who pays £250 for appointments with his GP. Politics is a mess, and Sunak’s government of “integrity, professionalism, and accountability at every level” is nowhere to be seen. What nore is there to be said? Keep fighting, those of you (and me) who believe in better.




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