Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter


Day 348


The Thames is not frozen.
No fear of breaking through
Into the water by making a friend
Of the treacherous ice. The sun
Paints a gentle shine over the
Calm ripples of the river
Against the background
Of Westminster where
The government’s
Heart is frozen.

It is cold on the Channel,
Colder in it, even colder
In drowning death when
No safe channels are made
Around the government’s
Racism and lack of care,
No safe routes through
The stranger hatred of
The British mindset.

The Thames is not frozen.
It flows out to sea to mingle
With water from everywhere.
It could be from anywhere,
Even (whisper it into the
English ear) from abroad.
If the right, not righteous,
Had their way, they would
Ban these foreign tides.

R 14/12/2022, 12:50

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