Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

Poetry, Politics


The architect of misery returns to the stage
He left years ago with a tuneless whistle,
His pockets now stuffed with cash, and makes
Empty pronouncements from a chamber
Unaccountable to the rest of the House.
Watch his lips move without any emphasis
On his past achievements: austerity, Brexit,
Carelessness, shepherd’s hut, remaindered
Memoirs, corruption allegations, VIP lanes
For his well-heeled friends, abandonment
Of the poor, of healthcare, of tolerance.
Look into his empty eyes, and see if
You can find anything at all.

R 13/11/2023 18:28

I think that says all I need to say about today’s political events in Brexitland, in Toryland, in this crushed, rudderless nation that is the UK. Heaven help us.

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