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This poem is being read tonight (16th October 2009) at a poetry reading preceding the Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival in Washington, D.C.

And it’s being read by Josh Wicks, a keeper himself for DC United.

Lev Yashin

He dreamed he was in goal again last night,
watched the ball in flight,
caught the star with an outstretched arm
against the gleaming night, the golden night.

He dreamed he was out on the green last night,
heard the crowd call him,
flew through the heavy air like breath,
black against the shining light, the silver night.

He dreamed he was whole again last night…

(c) RPS

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  1. Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist!

    16th October 2009 at 20:51

    wow, very lovely poem! that's awesome your poem will be read. Congrats!!


  2. rps

    16th October 2009 at 23:12

    Yo, Sabina,

    I'd totally forgotten I had submitted, so I'm even more pleased than if I'd been waiting on a response.

    Thanks for what you say about the poem. One of my favourites, actually.


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