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The biggest mistake was
Giving us consciousness along with
Sentience, that variable awareness
Which comes with thinking,
Where thought can be a labyrinth
Of our own choice,
And light and dark interchangeable,
The power to lie,
To bear a grudge.

An error of nature to make
Cunning stronger than instinct
In these upright liars on two legs,
Allow them to cheat their way
To the top of the food chain,
And contaminate the rest.

But perhaps nature is more
Cunning and sentient
Than any of us.

R 16/10/2023 17:50


I have to admit that this poem was already half-written (started this morning) before the #MastoPrompt came in at 17:30. Grudge just fitted in really well with the whole sentiment of it. That’s writing for you. It’s never actually fiction.

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