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#NewMusicFriday 07/06/2024

Yesterday was such a busy day because I was plugging, finally, the release of A Fear Of Heights, that I didn’t get round to putting the running order for Friday’s show up. Today has been busy, too, but the reason for that is more that I chose to get my (cosy) family priorities right rather than trying desperately to get my book into people’s feeds. Maybe that’s the best kind of priority.

The quality of music that I find still astounds me, even if lots of it isn’t my bag, and despite so few records making the final cut for my show. BUt, it’s a grand hour of fine fine music. That running order:

Nesya – Remain
Lola Boum – Cheesy Songs
lotusbliss – Halo
Ani + The Cranes – I’m Giving Up On Diamonds
Baby Maker – Spitting Distance
Coming Up Roses – Why
B Of Briz – Let Yourself Cry
John Cooper Clarke – (I Married) A Monster From Outer Space (1978)
Life Coach – Hero In The Season Of The Gun
Monday’s Child – One In The Line
Alexandra Leaving – Hardball
Fleeting Moon – Late Night Train (Mar24)
secret rivals – pilot
Richard Pierce – Goddess Mother (The Real Name For Everest)

And there you have it. Stream the hell out of these tunes and leave a nice comment for the people who made them. Being a creative is hard work, especially when you’ve got a day job besides. GIve thanks that these people spend some of their time trying to make the world a better place with their words and music.

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