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#NewMusicFriday 15/03/2024

I spent some of this week’s show banging on (as much as you can bang on about something in a 64-minute show with 16 songs in it) about how most of the new music I hear every week (and I must have listened to the first 20 seconds of about 230 songs to put this show together) is either mediocre or poorly-produced or unimaginative  or etc etc. I also railed against new music coming from a background of privilege and being divorced from the realities of life (The Last Dinner Party lead singer – educated at a £40k/year private school – had said that listeners didn’t want to hear about the cost-of-living crisis nor wanted to listen to post-punk music, but were into an end-of-world orgy vibe; and then complained her comments were taken out of context, which they weren’t), and being overhyped, overplayed and under-talented. And I’ll probably keep banging on about both those things. Because, especially the second, are at the heart of the injustices we see not just in the world in general, but in the creative industries in specific.

So here are the 16 songs good enough to play on the show:

Martha – A Praise Chorus
Sunday (1994) – Tired Boy
Rosie Tucker – All My Exes Live In Vortexes
Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – I Used To Be Fun
semia – gruene augen
Ideal – Blaue Augen *
cruush – Cotton Wool
Death Of The High Street – Mental Wealth
Echo Machine – A Shimmer In The Ruins
Jimmy Andrex – 7 Deadly Bins
Rudimentary Paste – Monkman vs Seagull
The Heathen Fevers – The Unspoken
Party & Destroy – Step
Bottle Rockets – Winter Baby
Rokkari – Home
Joan & The Giants – Born In The Wrong Time

*note this is from 1980 and just had to be played after the previous track, and to illustrate what good music actually should sound like.

Please go and find the 15 of these tracks that are new, and stream and/or buy them.

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