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#NewMusicFriday 19/04/2024

When I started looking for new music this last week, at one point I thought I wouldn’t have enough for a new show. In the end, I found 14 excellent (and longer than usual) tunes, and remembered a brilliant song from one of the great albums of the 1980s. Thanks to the great Radio Stradbroke team for making it possible to bring the broadcast time of the show forward to 13:00 UTC to let it immediately follow the live Home Service on Fridays.

Those tunes:

Wild Spelks – Help Myself
Heavy Feelings – Goodfaith
Baby Schillaci – Blunt Force Trauma
Harry Heart – Asylum
Oli Barton – The Light
Graham Graham Beck – Teetering
The Big Grey Man – Caterpillar Girl
Scattered Ashes – Kingdom
Concrete Disco – Go Rockets
Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls – Judgement Day (1980)
Seadog – Tied To A Mast
Lozenge – Radio Song
Crapsons – Single Greatest Game You’ve Ever Seen
Geography Of The Moon – Sometimes
Drusky – Insults

Most of the links are to the songs on soundcloud. Please do listen, and if you like, go buy the tracks. Some of them are also available on that second demon of this modern gig age (Sp…..).

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