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#NewMusicFriday 22/03/2024

A weird and eventful week, which got even more eventful this afternoon. We all find strength and hope in music, though, so stream these songs to death, or, even better, buy them.

wilt – you’re the one to blame
Destroy Boys – Plucked
SOFT PLAY – Mirror Muscles
GIRLBAND! – Not Like The Rest
Mouse Teeth – Rituals
Graywave – Undone
James Toburen aka Witches Of The Alamo – Musik und Schoenheit
Electric India Co – Pomegranate
Hans-A-Plast – Spielfilm (1981 – I’ve decided to drop in an old track every week now)
Fly Rink – Wait
Self Help – Spaceman
Red Light Effect – Full Of Nothing
Solomons Garden – Silence
The Velvet Hands – Chick Habit
HAVVK – Strong Possibility
Broken Bear – Awfully Civilised
Candid – Too Much Or Not Enough
Richard Pierce – Cost Of Living

No apologies for including my newest song. I actually really like it (which makes a change). Stream away – all of them.

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