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#NewMusicFriday 24/05/2024

The weeks just seem to get more and more manic, and doing the 1-hour prerecord at times seems a blessing and a curse. But, for me, the bottom line is that that one hour of recording gives me an escape from whetever might be troubling me, which is why I always find the time to do it. One of these days, when I’m not obsessing about writing and publishing novels and poems and spoken word music, I might even go back to live shows. But now is not that time.

Those tracks (and I make no apologies for closing the show with two of my own, because politics, and changing the UK’s government that has destroyed so many people over the last 14 years, is very important to me, and making statements through art is what I’m best at):

Skin On Flesh – Ur Cute, Let’s Hang
The Empty Page – What Happens Now?
San Quentin – 10:33
The Empty Page – I’m A White Hot Blade (Witches Are Wicked)
Graham Graham Beck – Some People Think I Look Like Kevin McCloud
Split Dogs – And What?
The 23s – Nothing
Bird – She’ll Turn To Stone
Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding (1982)
Space Octopus Cartel – Cascade
Martial Arts – Defector
Cute Goldfish – Dresden & Gomorrah
LowMoon – Monochrome
Ralph Clayton feat Chess – Night Walking
Body Water – I Want A Divorce (Before I Murder You)
Richard Pierce – Cost Of Living
Richard Pierce – Voting

And there you have it. Go listen to these fine tracks and even buy some of them if they have a bandcamp link. And vote on 4th of July (I’ll keep reminding you to).

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