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#NewMusicFriday 31/05/2024

A totally chaotic show this week, at the back-end of a manic 10 days of work (which finally closed at just about at the same time as the show was airing). Yes, it’s been stressy, but I’d rather be pushing too hard than sitting on my hands.

No apologies for including two old songs this week (and a new cover of an old song). There was a lot of good stuff out there this week, but much of it was the kind of good that makes me think “yeah, that would be nice to hear on the radio, but not sure I’d react my wanting to hear it again straightaway.” I tend to choose music that gets a really intense reaction from me – which is another reason for not editing these pre-records (nor the chaos in them) because I want anyone who can be bothered to listen to experience my visceral reactions (one reason, also, for not listening to most of the songs in their entirety before I play them; and that’s why they have to hook me in their first 20 seconds).

Anyway, here’s that running order:

Deep Vally – It’s My World
Smerz feat GAEA – Det Som Kom
Fish In The Elevator – Fading
Ghost Arcadia – Under
B Of Briz – The Man At The Party
Nothing Rhymes With Orange – Cats Eyes
Sean Finn & The Late Bloomers – A Thousand Guesses
secret rivals – CONDITION
Wolf Alice – Blush (2013)
Rogue FX – We Leave With Nothing
Gdansk81 – Susan George
the march afternoons – Cruel Summer ’24
Blancmange – The Day Before You Came (1984)
Azu Yeche – Leave Me Know
BRAVVN – Anywhere

I did play my Voting track, but that’s really more of a public service broadcasting jingle/trailer for me now, so I’m not counting it as a part of the running order.

Remember to stream the hell out of these tracks on whichever platform you prefer. And if you find a way of buying them, do that, if you have any spare pennies.

And don’t forget to vote tactically to get the Tories out of your constituency. The reality is that that is probably more important than anything else right now. Don’t forget that artists have really suffered because of Brexit, which makes it almost impossible for them to gig in Europe.

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