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Richard Pierce – author, poet, painter

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He wakes up five minutes
After the autumn equinox, the
Blanket of day mute and grey
Around him, The silence of
This place stretches out into the
City, a cloak of doom and regret.

The streets are overflowing with
Misery no longer confined to week
Days. Everyone works every day
Just to survive from season to
Season. Now the cold is coming,
Each day turns into two.

Where will he be in the frozen
Nights, and how will he live
In the shortening light with no
Hope for sun or joy or better?

R 23/09/2023 09:59


The rivers are overflowing with shit
From politicians’ mouths.
The world is overflowing with racism
From politicians’ mouths.

The rivers are drowning in effluent.
The world is drowning in hate.
Short-term political gains.
More long-term damage.

The Tories don’t care.
The Right don’t care.
The world is theirs
For the taking.

R 23/09/2023 10:22

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